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   Delmar Farm is owned and operated by Tony Francis and wife Louise, Tony  son of  Claude and Velma Francis and a grandson of James and Pearl Francis has continued the Francis Family ownership of this farm to well over 115 years. The Farm is located in rural eastern North Carolina, between the towns of Enfield and Halifax adjacent to the Marsh Swamp and the CSX Railroad North/South mainline. Our Goal is to be a sustainable family farm growing our  Beef  on Grass the old fashion way, without the use of chemical insecticides, pesticide and chemical fertilizers.  Natural and organic  based products are used in our  cattle operation. We also strive to  produce the highest quality beef while caring for our animals  humanely and with compassion.  Our  Wagyu and Angus cross Calves are raised here on the farm  in a stress free environment and  are NEVER administered  growth hormone implants, steroids or antibodies .  Graze continuously on their natural diet of grass , free  choice minerals , trace mineral salt and a small amount of feed supplements. Grass fed beef  is a good source of Healthy Fats,High amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and Great flavor . Our weaned calves are finished on high quality  grass forages and millet silage with a supplemental feeding of wheat hulls and peanuts. 


NOW AVAILABLEOur Farm Raised Wagyu/Angus Beef, All Natural and Humanely Raised on Pasture, Grass Fed, Free of Growth Hormones, Antibiotics and 100% USDA Inspected , 

Also Available  Pasture Raised Pork, Free of Growth Hormones, Antibiotics and USDA Inspected

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Curbside On Farm Pickup    Phone (252) 592-1266

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Pick Up Location is 1489 Delmar Road, Enfield, NC 27823

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